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I was suffering greatly with having been falsely charged with 9 felony counts…I hired a very expensive "politically connected" attorney as a result and was ultimately convicted of 2 of the most serious charges…On appeal, I was certain that I would need a team to wade through all of the misdirection and confusion the prosecution threw against the wall to confuse two very simple issues.  In my search for appellate attorneys, Norman Thomas came highly recommended…Within five minutes of our initial conversation, I was certain Norman Thomas would be of great value to winning my cases before the appeals court of Virginia if I could get him on board as a team player…Norman was timely in every respect and in every aspect…I was in "awe" of Norman's work ethic, ability, knowledge, writing skills, compassion, passion and experience….I was able to prevail on both counts and have them "dismissed" at the Appeals court…THANK YOU NORMAN, FOR EVERYTHING…!!


Walker Ware

"After the Circuit Court had obviously made several errors by law and some errors by abuse of discretion in its final decision, I felt depleted in my energy following a nearly 23 months of legal process.  The only way to successfully appeal Circuit Court's final decision is to have an extremely experienced and compassionate appellant lawyer who can meet the challenges of a very complicated case to convey clearly and surely to the Court of  Appeal through briefs and oral argument the merit of my case and to successfully receive the reversal of all of the errors assigned.  You narrowed down the very key and precise errors that the Circuit Court made and eventually received reversal on all of them by the Court of Appeal that not only won me the dignity back but also the hefty monetary rewards.  It has been my fortune and blessing from Heavenly God that you helped me with the appeal and I can not thank you enough for everything you did for me and my case.  I treasure all of our experience working together.  You have given me faith, confidence and clarity not only in my case, but also in my care for myself and for all matters in general.  I am honored to have you as my friend."

Alice Guan

"Norman delivers speedy, detailed, and thorough services in the appeals context. His experience and sense is excellent when you are looking for a heavyweight to argue your case at the appellate level."

Christopher Spinelli


Emroch & Kilduff, LLP

“We brought Norman onto our team to help prosecute our client’s appeal.  Appellate work has come up perhaps three times for me in the past 10 years.  When this most recent appeal came along, it was a case involving one of my best clients and they had a lot riding on the outcome.  I turned to Norman for help and found that he is the type of team player who fills whatever role is needed on the appeal.  He can mentor and coach the trial lawyer through the appellate process, if the attorney who tried the case wants to retain the lead counsel role,  or he can take over as the lead appellate attorney, responsible for briefing and arguing the case, all depending on the client’s needs and expectations.


Once retained, Norman rapidly evolved into the “indispensable man” on our team.  His quick intellect and exceptional brief writing skills were immediately self-evident but the quality that meant the most to us was his judgment, built on experience, which we relied on time and again as we selected the issues on which to appeal and the arguments to advance in support of those issues.  A decision is pending in the case but, no matter the outcome, Norman’s skills and talents put our client’s case on the best possible ground.” 

James T. Lang


Pender & Coward, P.C.

"Norman Thomas has been a consistent public servant to the city of Norfolk and to the Commonwealth of Virginia for 30 years. Dedicated, intelligent, hard working and thorough, I have admired Norman Thomas as he has tackled difficult challenges and mastered each one."

Michael "Mick" Shaw

Norfolk, Virginia

"One of the greatest legal minds that I have encountered. His clients have the rare advantage of having a lawyer that has tried cases both from counsel table and the bench. If my family member needed representation on an appellate matter or several other areas of the law I would quickly recommend Norman A. Thomas."

Colin O'Dawe

Personal Injury Attorney

Kalfus and Nachman

"After retirement, we contracted to build our retirement home...The builder made some major mistakes, and we fired him leaving him with substantial  down-payment monies.  He sued for more and won a large judgement against us...In our initial interview, Mr. Thomas listened carefully to our story and asked insightful questions.  He knew our case...he knew the impact the judgement had on our psyche, and he knew that an appeal was an uphill battle.  He discovered the one idea that could persuade the Appeals Court to hear the case, and he put together sound arguments supported by cases.  Upon reading the Appeal my builder's lawyers offered to settle at an amount that covered my appellate lawyer fees and reduced my judgement by a significant amount. That was a victory in itself.  But more importantly, Norman Thomas believed in us; developed a plan for winning when we were at our nadir...and brilliantly argued our case."

R. L. O’Kelley

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