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Busyness and Blogging are Not Always Friends

Since last autumn I have been working as many days and hours as ever in my career. The unhappy result is that I have neither blogged for my website (or updated it) nor submitted anything to Linkedin. That is not good. But in the meantime I have enjoyed my share of wins, researched and written several briefs in fascinating cases, and orally argued my clients' causes. Not to mention all of the reading of trial court records. But today I am "coming up for air" long enough to write a few words.

Many good things have happened to me in my appellate law practice since autumn. For example, I was selected again for both Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers recognitions, and as a "Legal Elite" in Appellate Law by Virginia Business Magazine. I also was recognized by Virginia Lawyers Weekly as a "Go To" lawyer in Appellate Law. All of these honors result from voting by my peers, that is, other attorneys who practice in Virginia and federal courts. That makes the recognitions especially meaningful to me. Also, in January 2024 I assumed the Chair of the Virginia Bar Association's Appellate Practice Section. What a joy it is to work in that capacity with other appellate attorneys!

I enjoy my appellate law practice and am grateful to my clients for entrusting me with their representation in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of Virginia, and in the Fourth Circuit U. S. Court of Appeals. I'll admit that sometimes when I am working long hours and giving up all or most of my weekends to meet procedural deadlines, I see that too-much-of-a good-thing can be contrary to maintaining a proper work-life balance. Yet as a solo practitioner the professional work is mine to do and I'll admit that I thrive on it. Most of my clients are appellants, and the challenges of their cases keeps my legal skills sharp. I find that I am learning new things about law and procedure on a constant basis.

Normally things slow down a little bit in the summer and I look forward to spending more time with my family and friends. With that said, however, as I look at my calendar I see plenty of work to do and challenges ahead!

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