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Civil Appeals

During his career, Norman has represented clients in, or presided over a diverse range property cases.  His appellate practice focuses on the representation of individual land owners in eminent domain, environmental, easement, POA, HOA, condominium, riparian, land development, title, boundary and zoning and proffer appeals.  He has the legal skills and the appellate experience needed to enforce or defend property rights.


The laws governing eminent domain are especially complex.  Trial court litigation arising from the condemnation of private property for public use frequently results in appellate litigation.  The outcome matters greatly to the future of the landowner’s residential or business property.


With the rise of planned communities, many individuals live or operate their businesses in developments subject to the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act or the Virginia Condominium Act.  When a dispute arises between an individual lot or condo owner and the Association governing the subdivision or other development, the individual owner must enforce or defend their property rights under the governing Declaration, By-Laws or rules and regulations.  More and more often, these disputes are resolved in the courts and result in appellate litigation.


Virginia law gives riparian landowners numerous rights to protect the natural amenities that come with waterfront property.  These riparian property rights include rights to recreational enjoyment and to unobstructed navigation to and from the owner’s shoreline or pier.  Yet adjacent and nearby development and government activities, including marina construction, aquaculture, channel dredging, sand replenishment and other commercial or industrial development can threaten these riparian rights.  Although the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC) is charged with the duty to reconcile these competing interests, individual riparian landowners increasingly must pursue appellate litigation to enforce or defend their rights against encroachment, damage or loss. 

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